CDMD Announces Awardees for the 2017 Pilot and Feasibility Grant

2017 Awardees

We would like to recognize the following recipients for the 2017 Pilot and Feasibility Seed Grant Award. Congratulations, we look forward to seeing your exciting studies progress!

Reza Ardehali

PI: Dr. Reza Ardehali, Associate Professor of Cardiology, UCLA

“The Role of Cardiac Pericytes in the Development and Progression of DMD Cardiomyopathy”

Marino DiFranco

PI: Marino DiFranco, Adjunct Professor and Research Physiologist, Department of Physiology, UCLA

“Mechanical Assessment of the Efficacy of Gene Therapy Approaches to Restore Function in Dystrophin-Deficient Muscles"

Jonathan Wanagat

PI: Jonathan Wanagat, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Geriatrics, UCLA

"Quantitative Imaging of the Dystrophin-Glycoprotein Complex”

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