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The Center for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Pilot and Feasibility Seed Grants

The Pilot & Feasibility (P&F) Program funds studies in the area of muscle or muscular dystrophy research. These seed grants are funded through a partnership between an NIH funded P30 grant, the CDMD and the UCLA CTSI.  The P&F awards may be focused on basic, translational or clinical research.  The goal of the P&F Program is to encourage research on muscle by young researchers who recently became independent or senior investigators either entering the muscle field for the first time or exploring a completely new direction.  This year, two to four new grants will be awarded, each for up to $30,000.  Studies that broadly advance any aspect of the mission of the CDMD and those which use at least one P30-funded Core facility will be given priority.


Scientists and clinicians working on skeletal and cardiac muscle function in health and disease are encouraged to become members of the Center. Apply for Membership.

The Application and Judging Process 

Pilot and feasibility proposals are solicited annually. The CDMD executive committee will consider the merits of each proposal based on the strength of the hypothesis, the experimental approach, the relevance to muscular dystrophy and the potential that the project will lead to an NIH grant application.

Award Details  

  1. Proposals are for one-year duration. 
  2. The maximal dollar amount that will be awarded is $30,000. 
  3. Each Center Investigator can accept P and F money only one time as a PI in each five-year cycle of the P30 grant. To foster collaboration, Center Investigators can be collaborators or Co-investigators on P and F projects more than one time. 
  4. P and F projects using at least one core will be given priority, specify use in your budget. 

The Cores of the Center Learn about the cores

  1. Muscular Dystrophy Cell Repository provides access to cells and tools to create in vitro models relevant to muscular dystrophy 
  2. Mouse Muscle Phenotyping and Imaging Core provides access to state of the art mouse models of muscular dystrophy and knowledge and skill in the performance of mouse experimentation. 
  1. Muscle Bioinformatics and Genomics Core provides advice and analytical support for genomics experiments such as exome sequencing, whole genome sequencing, whole RNA sequencing. 

A complete application in NIH format must include the following: 

  1. A 4 page experimental plan (excluding references) that includes the following sections:
    • Background
    • Preliminary Data
    • Experimental Plan
    • Paragraph explaining how the data generated promote muscle research in the PIs laboratory.
  2. An NIH biosketch
  3. A one year budget ($30,000 maximum) click HERE to download the budget form
  4. If the research uses animals, provide protocol #, title and expiration date.
  5. If the research uses human subjects, provide IRB approval #, title and expiration date.
  6. Studies using human subjects should include the “Planned Enrollment” report. Click here for the form.   

Conditions of Award 

  1. Awardee is obligated to attend the bi-weekly CDMD group meetings and will present work at 6 months and 12 months to build collaborations across the CDMD
  2. Awardee is obligated to attend the annual retreat for the CDMD and to present their work.
  3. Awardee is obligated to submit a one-page progress report at the end of the year, and follow up regarding post grant progress. 
  4. Awardee must cite P30 funding source on relevant publications.