Awards & Fellowships

CDMD Excellence in Research Awards


Predoctoral Award:
Shuin Park

“Exclusion of Major Cell Types in the Murine Heart Enriches for Cardiac Pericytes”

Postdoctoral Awards:
Jackie L. McCourt

“Mouse Models of Two Missense Mutations in Actin Binding Domain 1 of Dystrophin Associated with Duchenne or Becker Muscular Dystrophy”


Predoctoral Award:
Brian McMorran

“Disease-Specific Differences in Human Muscle Glycosylation Affect Muscle Function”

Postdoctoral Awards:
Michael Hicks

“ERBB3 and NGFR Mark Distinct Skeletal Muscle Progenitor Cells in Human Development Enabling hPSC Maturation”


Predoctoral Award:
Courtney S. Young

“Development of a CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Gene Editing Platform to Restore the Reading Frame for 60% of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Patients”

Postdoctoral Awards:
Michelle S. Parvatiyar, Ph.D.

“Sarcospan has a Protective Role During Development of Cardiac Disease”

Kristen Stearns-Reider, Ph.D.
“Effects of Dystrophin Loss on the Biophysical Properties of the Skeletal Muscle Extracellular Matrix”


Predoctoral Award:
Brian J. McMorran

“Unique and Specific Changes in Cell Surface Glycosylation During Myotube Differentiation”

Postdoctoral Awards:
Richard T. Wang, Ph.D.

“Genetic Diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dsytrophy by Clinical Exome, Whole Exome and Transcriptome Sequencing”

Elizabeth M. Gibbs, Ph.D.
“Overexpression of Mouse Sarcospan Reduces Dystrophic Muscle Pathology in the Mdx Mouse Model”

CDMD-CureDuchenne Fellowships & Wellstone Trainees

The CDMD has partnered with CureDuchenne to offer competitive training fellowships. The call for applications is released through the CDMD Distribution List

2015 Trainees and Fellows

Florian Barthélémy, Ph.D. Wellstone Trainee
"Evalution of RyR Pathway Antagonists to Promote Exon Skipping in DMD Patient Cells"

Micheal R. Hicks, Ph.D. CDMD-CureDuchenne Fellow
"In Vivo Dystrophin Restoration by Muscle Progenitor Cells Derived from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells"

2014 Trainees and Fellows

Michelle S. Parvatiyar, Ph.D. CDMD-CureDuchenne Fellow
"Sarcospan Regulates the Cardiac Hypertrophic Response and Prevents Cardiomyopathy Associated with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy"

NIH NIAMS T32 Pre-/Postdoctoral Training Fellowships

Muscle Cell Biology, Pathophysiology, and Therapeutics Training Program -  Application Deadline is May 17, 2020 (midnight)

The training program is open to any UCLA Predoctoral (Ph.D. graduate student) or postdoctoral fellow who is a US citizen or permanent resident and whose research interest focuses on muscle cell biology and disease with an emphasis on muscular dystrophy.

Muscle cell biology is an area of exciting growth in translational medicine. The muscular dystrophies are a clinically and genetically heterogeneous group of conditions characterized by progressive muscle degeneration. Translational research in the muscular dystrophies is expanding, as academic and industry partnerships yield new potential treatments that are currently being assessed in clinics around the world. The goal of the Muscle Cell Biology, Pathophysiology, and Therapeutics program is to capitalize on the momentum that arose from this explosion of translational research. The training program will capitalize on and bridge the talents of muscle cell biologists and translational experts to provide trainees with a broad education based in basic science and exposure to many aspects of disease-related research. The Muscle Cell Biology, Pathophysiology, and Therapeutics program is designed to train the best possible young scientists to lead the muscle biology community in the next phase of discovery and translational muscle science. Trainees conduct research projects under the supervision of primary mentors and participate in the training activities, including biweekly data meetings, and journal clubs. We encourage the recruitment, retention, and training of scholar who are members of underrepresented groups and diverse specialties and with disabilities. Program Director, Rachelle H. Crosbie, Ph.D., can address further questions about the program and applicant qualifications.

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Elevator Pitch Awards

Trainees present their research in a short, easy-to-understand format known as the ‘Elevator Pitch’ at the CDMD Annual Scientific Retreat.

2015 and 2016 Awardees

  • Courtney S. Young
  • Kristen Stearns-Reider, Ph.D.

2014 Awardees

  • Brian J. McMorran
  • Elizabeth M. Gibbs, Ph.D.
  • Richard Wang, Ph.D.
  • Haibin Xi, Ph.D.